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Performs poignant music, "Theme From Summer of 42" by finest musicians in the entertainment industry, Manila, Philippines.

A Music and Events
(Augustine Music and Events)


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Find the best musicians in Manila with the most affordable rate who really needs the services of musicians for weddings, party, corporate event, funeral, birthday, anniversary.

We do music according to theme of the event with passion making a contribution to the success of the affair.

A Music and Events
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A Music and Events Performs for a corporate event hosted by Asya Design in line with their yearly invitational cup held at the Upper Deck Sports Center, Technopoint Building in Mandaluyong. 

It was the 12th Invitational Badminton Tournament Cup with an import from Mexico, Cynthia Gonzales.

A Music and Events
(Where Best Music and Event Management Come)


Find Funeral Musicians in Manila

Funeral Music

One of the best moments for a musician is an involvement not only for corporate, wedding, party, anniversary events but to a more intimate performance like a memorial service where music is part making doleful moment worth remembering for family members.

Funeral Musicians love to share the solemnity of a music piece and put emphasis on heartfelt rendition to stick a mark that funeral music is one of the highest forms of unfeigned music. For music has to have soul and melody that reaches heaven. We, from A Music and Events, are fortunate to be handed the privilege once in a while. And we love doing funerals. 

It doesn't require big group for a funeral performance. An intimate duo or trio suffices the involvement and create more vivid, melodic portrayal. Aiming for amity is paramount and that music attachment is nostalgia.

A Music and Events
(Augustine Music and Events)



Performing classical music for a corporate event at Fairmont Hotel in Makati observing the Philippine Property Awards Night by PhilippineGuru.

The classic theme of the event requires classical music and A Music and Events music members did just what was required.


Corporate Event Musicians - A Music and Events

Performing "Londonberry Air during the awards night of PropertyGuru Philippines at Fairmont Hotel, Makati.

A Music and Events


Wedding Coordinator Manila - Mario Lupato

A Music and Events


Preparation – Two months Before The Wedding
v Prepares guest master list
v Plans guest tables and seating arrangements
v Coordinating the reception timeline
v Three meetings with clients
v Unlimited calls and emails for concerns

Before Ceremony

v Make sure set-up and d├ęcor for the ceremony and reception are done properly
v Coordinates with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, minister, and ceremony participants
v Coordinator assists wedding party with pinning boutonnieres and corsages
v Coordinates with flow of the ceremony
v Coordinates seating of family and guests
v Direct and line-up bridal party for the ceremony
v Manages seating of the bridal entourage
v Cues when to use the music
v See to it that rings are ready
v Coordinates with candle lighting
v Coordinates with the bride’s entrance

After Ceremony

v Coordinates with post-ceremony pictorials
v Gathers materials used during the ceremony and bring them to the reception area
v Manages recession of the bridal entourage
v Gathers bridal entourage and some guests for petal/coin/rice throwing
v Ushers guests to the reception venue

v Coordinates with the caterer and entertainment
v Ensures that the reception site is set up properly
v Manages seating arrangements for all the guests and members of the entourage
v Help guests locate their tables
v Provides reception program flow
v Hosts the reception program
v Assists host during reception activities
v Coordinates with the wedding dance
v Assists during the wedding traditions
v Routes guest book for signing
v Silent cuing during guests’ pictorial before meal
v Cues for the ceremonial toast and message giving
v Manages souvenir giving
v Wrap-up job – all left food are properly placed in plastic bags
v Attends suppliers’ payments – optional

After Reception
v Supervises collection of all gifts, memorabilia, guest book and pen, bridal bouquet, extra favors, materials used during the ceremony and ensures that all designated items are loaded in a vehicle
v Make sure all personal property and gifts are secured